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Accessories for the Guitarist

Practical and original accessories for the guitarist!

Highly important for general performance and quality in your daily practice!

Our products are manufactured of the highest quality. They are highly recommended by guitarists from around the world!

Sheet Music for Guitar

Edvaldo Cabral (1946-2003) - One of our best composers with works of great originality, musical impact and importance for the guitar repertoire in high quality editions!

The Concert Cushion and the Concert Cloth

The Concert Cushion and the Concert Cloth help to position the guitar in a more stable way without needing to "hold" the instrument or putting pressure on the guitar body.

In this manner the Concert Cushion and the Concert Cloth take on a fundamental roll in retraining your posture to be freer and more relaxed.

Models and sizes

The Concert Cushion is available in two models: with short flaps or with a long flap (i.e., with one short and one long flap). Each model is available in seven different sizes or heights, which may partially or totally replace your footstool.

The Concert Cloth is available in two models: Short Concert Cloth and Long Concert Cloth.

The Concert Cushion with short flaps is used together with a short Concert Cloth.

The Concert Cushion with a long flap is equal to a Concert Cushion with short flaps and a short Concert Cloth in one single product exactly as the Long Concert Cloth is the same as two short Concert Cloths but as one single item.

Luva Arm Pad for forearm protection

The Luva Arm Pad is an accessory for the protection of the guitarist's forearm and to facilitate ease in performance.

It avoids the compression of muscles and nerves responsible for movements of the fingers and protects the right forearm from local pressure against the edge of the instrument.

This leads directly to a more relaxed hand and thus more flowing and agile finger movements.

For this reason, the Luva Arm Pad is now an indispensable accessory to any guitar player whether child or adult, beginner or advanced, amateur or professional.

Models and sizes

The Luva Arm Pad is available in different models and seven different sizes (XS, S, S/M, M, ML, L and XL):

The protective splint comes in two models, rigid and soft.

There are two methods for use on the arm: the short sleeve placed only on the forearm and the long sleeve covering not only the forearm but also the elbow and upper arm (see photos below!)

Bag for Accessories

Ideal for carrying the guitarist's accessories like the Concert Cushion and the Luva Arm Pad.

Practical and with a refined look, this accessory bag is made of a semi-impermeable finish of flat black nylon.

It opens and closes with a special double cord.